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Birthday Parties

Our Birthday parties are what we like to call “controlled chaos”!!!!!

They consist of a fast-paced mixture of all the party dance routines that we personally lead, along with games, competitions, balloon modelling and disco dancing plus a lot of crazy mucking about which in our experience is what a birthday party should be all about.

We will always make the birthday person “The Star of the Day” and they will receive one of our special birthday certificates and the focus of the party will be on them making them feel very special.

This gives any adults who are attending the event the chance to sit back stress free and enjoy the show.

With our vast experience of entertaining at birthday parties we have found that children require total interaction at parties and just playing music will not engage them.

*Please Note* the weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) can be quite expensive to hold your party with prices being at premium rates. 

If your child's birthday is on a week day (Mon - Thurs) the answer you may wish to consider is to have the party on a week day after school!!!

Venues are often lower in price to hire weekdays so we believe your entertainment should be too! 

Please contact us for a special weekday (Mon-Thurs.) quote!



Morning Madness is fast becoming our most requested and booked children’s party slot mainly due to the fact that everything is done and finished by lunchtime therefore giving you the rest of the day to yourself.

Morning Madness runs from 10:00am - 12 noon and requires a 9am set up.

Morning Madness dates are going very quickly so it is advised that you contact us immediately if you require this particular slot and secure your date.

Contact Us Now Quoting "Morning Madness"



Fast paced chaotic hour for the 3yrs 5yrs age group, with a mixture of action dances, 
singing and a lot of silliness!!.

Dates are expected to go very quickly, so contact us now to secure your party date

Monday - Friday's - 9am - 4pm



We're aware that many mobile discos view a School party as easy money and they'll throw together a cheap package and set up where it lands and probably just play music for the duration of the event.
The school party is the highlight event of the pupils term and much planning goes into arranging this exciting night by the PTA and Teachers to ensure that everything is perfect. Everything then rests on the entertainment you have booked they need to be competent to read the audience and create the right vibe and keep that dance floor full.
The lighting and sound equipment needs to be suitably scaled for the number of guests attending the event and the size of the hall.
Imagine, come party night for say 50 very excited pupils being stuck with someone who is compleatly out of their depth, with not a clue how to ENTERTAIN the childrenit doesen't really bear thinking about....
The Bumble 'B' Roadshow specializes in Primary School Events so we would put as much preperation and effort into a school party as we would in a much bigger event, and we know who apreciates it - "The Pupils".
The team lead by Mr Mayhem is highly experienced in playing at Primary School Events, mixing chart tunes with the greatest party dances along with audience participation you have the recipy for a great night.
We have many years of experience ENTERTAINING the under 11s and we know exactly what children REALLY want in a disco party! From our experience they demand more than just someone playing music, they want ENTERTAINING!!
Our show is a faced-paced mixture of crazy games & compertitions plus a lot of even crazier party dances for which we personally lead the routines, Any chart music we play will be Radio edits so there's no bad language to worry about.
ATTENTION - HEAD TEACHER: - FACT!! When booking your school entertainment, there are three very important questions to ask any potential entertainer before hiring them.
Do They Have - PLI-PAT-? We proudly hold these certificates!
For your peace of mind PLEASE be sure to request and inspect copies of these certificates from ANY entertainer that you are thinking of hiring.
The smoke/Haze machine that we use is NOT known to cause any trouble or problems to asthmatics so you can rest assured that the lighting we use would be nicely enhanced with no problems to anyone who attends the party.
(* Please note: Smoke Machine and Bubble machines are only available at special request and with The Head teachers permission*)
If we are made awear of any epilepsy sufferers attending the party we will swithc off and shut down any lighting if required if it is found to be causing any problems, (*Please note: we do not use strobe lighting*)
We have found that school parties are normally split into two sections, so this is how we would program things:
Session One (KS1 & Diddies)  The focus would be on the fun ellement with lots of fun and silliness (which they love) along with a selection of carefully selected and suitable chart songs.
Session Two (KS2) This session would have more emphasis on playing more dance music so the pupils can do their own thing dancing to some cool chart tunes. There would however be a few party dances and fun thrown in for good measure and although older the fun element would still be there.
We honestly believe that you wont find better a Primary School Entertainment Service in Oxfordshire or beyond!
Contact us NOW to discuss your school party requirements and you will see why The Bumble 'B' Roadshow is considered one of the BEST and most booked services for Primary Schools.
OFFICE: 01295 268055 - DIRECT 0777 555 7867
For your convenience we are available 7 days a week for: 

 We can provide your clients and their families with a fun interactive entertainment service that is memorable for all those who attend.

Whatever the event: Family Funday or a Christmas Family Party or even a party just for the children of your employees.

Don't leave your entertainment to an amateur............


Fete Machine Logo

The "Fete Machine" is available for School Fetes - Village Summer Fetes etc . 

We use our own gazebo as cover for our equipment and we would present our show in front of it.

We do request the following things:-

1) A SAFE dedicated power supply (NOT shared by anything else)

2) Adults to ensure that any children DO NOT enter the gazebo at any time.

3) We MUST be sited somewhere on the edge of the main arena so we can monitor the whole fete.


We like to do our bit for Local Charities.

If you are a registered charity with an event being planned contact us to see how we can enhance it and make it a fun filled success.


Contact Us TODAY for full Terms & Conditions.



Are you expecting Children at your Wedding Reception, Anniversary or Family Celebration?
Here is an option you might want to consider...
Quite a few mobile discos do not cater for children at these types of functions therefore the children get bored this is where we come in!!!
The Bumble ‘B’ Roadshow specializes in children’s events and parties so we could come along and entertain the children at the beginning of your event. 
We can provide an 60min - 90min slot which would be made up of crazy party dances, a fun game plus some simple balloon modelling keeping the children entertained giving the main disco company chance to get set up for your evening’s entertainment.
This will serve two purposes...
1) It will make the children feel part of the event and they can have some fun and get involved with our crazy show.
2) It will also give the mums and dads some time to relax and have a drink whilst preparing for your main evening’s entertainment.
If you would like further information regarding this unique service please contact us



Introducing:- Retro-Recall  "Fun parties for Big people"

 Are you fed up with “Night club music ie:- R&B/House/Garage/Dubstep etc etc etc? -  Do you fancy something different for your Adult party event? 

 If your answer is yes then you need “Retro-Recall

 “Retro-Recall” is an evening strictly of tunes from 50s/60s/70s/80s plus those good ol’ party songs that require a handbag to dance round!!! and if required we can also provide some very entertaining games and competitions to enhance a fun evening making it memorable for all who attend.

There are a lot of phenomenal mobile discos that provide the night club style of music but we feel that “Retro-Recall” is offering the customer something a bit different for your adult party event or wedding reception.


Coming Soon


Kidaroke is Karaoke for Kids!!!

It is a basic karaoke set up but it will give the children a chance to be their favourite star.

"Kidaroke" will be available as part of a package ie:- Disco + Kidaroke or on it's own.

More details of availability to follow soon.

The Term "Kidaroke" is copywrited and owned by                   The Bumble 'B' Roadshow