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Bumble B Roadshow
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Quite possibly the best party i have ever been to. No one can compare to these guys and my kids keep asking to rewind the day so they can go again.



What a great party! Joseph and Ryan had a fab time, lots of giggles and fun. They really enjoyed their joint birthday party, as did the other children and parents. Highly recommended

Natalie Sundblad reviewed Bumble 'B' Roadshow Premier Children's Entertainment" — 5 star
Brilliant entertainment, kept all the children happy and amused! Loved they way they really made the birthday boys feel special! Thank you, highly recommend!!
Rosie McSorley reviewed Bumble 'B' Roadshow Premier Children's Entertainment" — 5 star
Bumble 'B' Roadshow were fab at my daughter's 7th birthday party last weekend, took the stress (most) out of the day as we left it to them to entertain the kids, and entertain they certainly did!! A lot of fun and laughter had by all. Couldn't recommend them more.
Mark Jeffs reviewed Bumble 'B' Roadshow Premier Children's Entertainment" — 5 star
5 stars doesn't do them justice. All of the children and adults loved the show. Worth every penny. They worked so hard to make sure everyone had a good time. I can't recommend them enough.
5 star
Oh my goodness my cheeks are aching from laughing so much. You made my son feel so special at his 7th birthday party. He and all his friends laughed so much there were tears from everyone. You pitched it perfectly for the age group. Made sure everyone felt included. The contact before helped the party run smoothly. Many thanks and we would have no problem recommending you to anyone for their child's party.
Claire Harding reviewed Bumble 'B' Roadshow Premier Children's Entertainment" — 5 star
A massive thank you to Mr Mayhem and Tammy for entertaining a bunch of 5/6 year old at my son's 6 year party.

All I can say is Wow. 
They had the children's attention instantly . All the way through the two hour slot. which in my eyes is a excellent thing, well worth the money and to be honest when arranging the party I didn't fancy the job of entertaining a bunch of 5/6 year olds-a bit daunting!!!!
Everyone had smiles on their faces , even the adults, plenty of laughing and giggles. It was lovely to see they included/ also made his younger 3 year old brother feel special to, but not taking the lime light out of Tobias' special day.

My son later came to me (and said in his words)
"I HAD TO MUCH FUN AND I LOVED IT, " Tobias aged 6 years.